A visit at Lepido Rocco Foundation

Heading for Aveiro on 28 January 2021
Protocols Project’s dr. Rizzetto interview

On 8 February, the ORAS Research Team visited the Lepido Rocco Foundation in the framework of the Protocols Project. The students of the Lepido Rocco Foundation, together with the Director, dr. Visentin, welcomed the ORAS delegation, which included dr. Humberto Cerrel Bazo, Hospital Head of the Rehabilitation Department, dr. Antonio Rizzetto, Coordinator of the Rehabilitation Team, dr. Sara Salizzato, Coordinator of the Team of Psychologists, dr. Sabrina Matteazzi, Protocols Project Manager, dr. Alice Sinigaglia, Protocols Project Coordinator. 

The visit started with a warm welcome organised by the students, followed by the visit of the school’s relevant labs. In particular, the ORAS team visited the Robotics Lab, which counts several 3D printers and other tools that can potentially contribute to the Protocols’ purpose to identify wearable telerehabilitation devices, as well as the Electonics Lab, which looks innovative and promising for the implementation of the next Protocols’ activities. Following the labs’ visit, the ORAS Team, together with the Director of the Lepido Rocco Foundation, worked together on the implementation of the Protocol’s activities and the organisation of the Transnational Meeting on 7-8 March in Portugal.