Transnational Project Meetings

Organization Type of Meeting Country Dates
ORAS Kick Off Meeting Italy 12/2020
TPL Transnational meeting Slovenia 7/2021
SWORD Transnational meeting Portugal 1/2022
FLR Transnational meeting Italy 8/2022
FHNP Final meeting Spain 5/2023

Multiplier events

Leader Partners Event title Venue Date
TPL ORAS, FLR The wearable technologies in healthcare digital system Ljubljana 12/01/2023
AEVA ORAS, SWORD The world's next generation virtual learning Aveiro 21/01/2023
FLR ORAS New Skills and Healthcare VET training soluzions Toledo 20/03/2023
ORAS FLR European system for VET in Restorative neurology Motta di Livenza 30/4/2023