“European Training on innovative Restorative Protocols for clinical and technological changeable“ (PROTOCOLS) officially took off on the 18th December 2020 with the project kickoff meeting. Due to the mobility restrictions caused by the COVID19 pandemic, the meeting was held online on the platform “lifesize“ from 10.00 to 15.00 (CET). The topics were split into two different moments: the morning, dedicated to the partners’ and associated partners’ presentations, and the afternoon, dedicated to the management and organizational issues, always very important for the success of a project. 

The audience, besides the ORAS team, was broad and complete with all the partners, all the associated partners and the members of ORAS management and Scientific Committee.

Also thanks to the collaboration of each speaker, the meeting ran smoothly through the agenda, that was covered even ahead of schedule. All the topics were discussed, among which, also the project logo, that represents the link between scientific research and training, through the symbol of an electromagnetic wave.

Let’s Protocols Project start!