Second Transnational Meeting in Ljubljana

Heading for Aveiro on 28 January 2021

On 9 July, the Tehnoloski Park Ljubljana hosted the second Transnational Meeting of the project Protocols.

After the first meeting which took place online on 18 Decembe, the Protocols partners met in the beautiful Lubjana, where the Tehnoloski Park is based. The meeting was attended by the Fondazione Lepido Rocco, the Associação para a Educação e Valorização da Região de Aveiro, and the Fundación Hospital Nacional de Parapléjcos. Unfortunately, the Portuguese partner SWORD Health SA could not attend. ORAS also participated in the meeting, represented by Humberto Cerrel Bazo, Sabrina Matteazzi, Antonio Rizzetto,  Paola Vedovelli, and Ilaria Pitton. 

The meeting programme included break-out sessions on the project’s Intellectual Outputs: one group worked on the content of the project’s training, while the second one analysed the European competence framework of the Protocols’ training and the methodologies that the project will use to train its beneficiaries.

Afterwards,  the Tehnoloski Park Ljubljana organised a presentation of the 4 innovative start-ups working in the medical sector: (N)DX, EDUCELL, NRVTECH, NEUS.

In the afternoon, partners also met to discuss the results of the break-out sessions and to define the project’s next steps and programmes from September 2021 and January 2022, when the third Transnational Meeting will take place in Portugal.

The meeting’s atmosphere was pleasant and collaborative. It allowed partners to share knowledge and proposals. Having met in person represented an important opportunity for the consortium to strenghten relationships and better know each other, thus making it easier to work from the distance on the upcoming months.